3. Curriculum
The basic orientation of the Department’s curriculum is designed to meet the professional requirements of the accounting and financial sector of the economy. Therefore, the curriculum includes general courses in order for students to acquire basic knowledge of economics and accounting and finance courses, so that graduates of the Department can acquire the necessary skills and professional expertise in the ever changing job market.

Courses in English for Erasmus Students

4. Infrastructure
The department is located in Preveza, in Psathaki’s area. Its modern building facilities of 4.270 m2 are tailored for the research and teaching needs of the department as they comprise:

  • Ten (10) teaching rooms and three (3) auditoriums which have at their disposal the requisite equipment such as projectors, sound systems, wireless networking in order to conduct the lectures. The central auditorium is used for the organization of workshops, seminars and conferences.
  • Six (6) educational Computers labs are used for the laboratorial education of students but they also satisfy the wider educational needs and support the administrative function of the department. The laboratories are linked to the central library of TEI of Epirus. They offer to the students access to internet and to specialized software (SPSS, Lindo, etc), and databases (ICAP).
  • A meeting room with advanced equipment for the general meetings of the department.
  • A modern library which is a member of the Greek academic libraries (Heal-link). The library comprises 2,800 book titles, 10,700 copies of books, 62 magazines, reference books (dictionaries), videos, CD-ROMS, financial newspapers, brochures Banks, studies, and dissertations.

5. Partnerships/ Programs/ Awards

Α. Partnerships
The Department collaborates in a regular basis with other departments of higher education institutions both domestic and abroad, mainly for research projects. Specifically, the Department has worked among others with the Athens University of Economics and Business, the University of the Aegean, the University of Ioannina, the University of Patras, the Hellenic Open University, the Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece, the Agricultural University of Athens, the University of Crete, the University of Liverpool, the University of Salento, the University of Foggia. Faculty members of the Department also collaborate with faculty members of many other universities producing scientific results that are published in Greek and International journals and conferences.

Β. Projects
The Department has recently successfully completed several projects implemented through the Operational Program “Education and Lifelong Learning” and the cross-border European Territorial Cooperation Programme Greece-Italy 2007-2013″, co-financed by the European Union (European Social Fund) and Greek national funds (National Strategic Reference Framework 2007–2013).

C. Awards
At the site “ARISTEIA“, which stands for excellence, of the Greek Ministry of Education there are two actions in which the Department participation is demonstrated. The first action refers to the first place in the first international scheduling competition http://excellence.minedu.gov.gr/listing/134-nursing-scheduling and the other action refers to the second position in the second international scheduling competition http://excellence.minedu.gov.gr/listing/304-exam-scheduling.

6. Postgraduate Programme

M.Sc. in Accounting – Finance and Business Administration

The aim of the Programme is to provide specialized knowledge to graduates of higher education in the areas of Accounting, Finance and Business Administration. In particular, the programme aims to meet the needs of the labor market with the promotion of knowledge and the development of appropriate qualifications and skills relating to the organization and functioning of accounting and financial services of enterprises and organizations of the private and public sector.

The Programme awards Master Degree in the following specializations:

(a) Accounting – Audit and Finance

(b) Business Administration

The curriculum includes three semesters in which 12 courses and a master thesis must be completed.

7. Latest Projects