Partner Institutions

According to Erasmus Terms and Conditions, an Inter-Institutional Agreement must be in place between institutions, before student and teacher mobility can take place. Both institutions must also be holders of the Erasmus University Charter.

The TEI of Epirus is proud to be a holder of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education and our Erasmus Policy Statement outlines our commitment to the Erasmus Programme.

List of our partner Institutions (Febr 2017)

TEIEP Erasmus Guide

Instructions for Nominated Students
The International Office (Coordinator) of each Institution should inform us of nominated students to study at the TEI of Epirus. We require the student’s:

  • Full name
  • Home address
  • Contact telephone number
  • Email address
  • Study Area/ Department
  • Duration of the Stay

All nominations should be sent by email to the Erasmus Office, TEI of Epirus.
It is essential that we have the email address of each nominee, as we will be sending information to the student by email.

Please note that we need to have the nomination no later than June 1st for students applying for the autumn semester, and November 1st for students applying for the spring semester.

Future Partner Institutions
Dear Partner,
If you are interested in starting a cooperation with TEI of Epirus in the framework of the mobility program Erasmus+, please, check the proposal agreement, fill in the necessary information about your Institution and please send us a signed and stamped version via e-mail.

Since we can sign an agreement for more than one Department of our Universities, we would like to mention the Departments operating at TEI of Epirus and the subject areas that they can receive and send students. Please feel free to add in the agreement, the departments and subject areas that have the same or similar object with your departments.

Department of Computer Engineering
481: Computer Science
052: Engineering and Technology
061: Information & Communication Technology
046: Mathematics and statistics