Message from the Rector

The Technological Educational Institute of Epirus (TEIEP) is a Public Higher Education Institution. TEIEP offers eight undergraduate and seven postgraduate programmes in the fields of Agriculture and Food Technology, Computer Engineering, Health, Speech and Language Therapy, Early Childhood Care and Education, Economics and Management, Traditional Music, Applied Foreign Languages.

Following a dynamic course since the first years of its establishment, TEIEP has attained and constantly cultivates a high level of production and dissemination of knowledge, offering its members – students, professors, and administrative staff – an academic environment full of life and creativity.

Our vision is to maintain a leading position nationally, providing high-level educational programmes and elaborating innovative research, responding successfully to the challenges of our times.

Growing rapidly and flexible, our Institution hosts today 9.000 students in 8 Departments and 5 Faculties. After 21 years of operation, we have developed modern curricula, which are constantly revised so as to adapt to current conditions. Our laboratories, with state-of-the-art equipment, offer access to advanced knowledge and skills. We have created a series of actions connecting substantially the academic world with the job market and the society needs.

Our international strategy aims at providing students with international competencies through their degree programs, supporting and incorporating best practices, developing and implementing an international dimension in all degree level curricula, providing quality and international skills in all curricula for all students, improving staff members’ international qualifications, generating of leadership and participating in international projects in cooperation with key partners.

We have developed a broad network of partnerships with foreign Universities, where our students can attend courses as part of their studies. The number of our students who spend one or two semesters in a European higher institution or a training period through the Erasmus program has practically doubled from 2010 to 2015 and this trend is likely to continue. At the same time, a great number of foreign students select our Institution as their educational destination.

With steady progress, TEIEP confirms its profile as an innovative and pioneering regional Institution of applied research and innovation, with a European orientation.

Professor Anastasios Tsinas