Incoming Students for Placement

Students that take their traineeship to our Institution have the opportunity to:

  • gain professional experience relative to their area of study,
  • get to know, appreciate and understand the economic and cultural conditions in our country,
  • experience our culture, and learn Greek,
  • acquire international experience and qualifications,
  • enrich their CV and employment prospects.

Exchange students enrich their CV with the Europass Mobility document. Europass Mobility is a standard document in use throughout Europe which formally records details of the skills and competences acquired by individuals during their mobility period in another European country.

Mobility duration:
From 2 up to 12 months, per academic cycle, regardless of the number and type of mobility.

Instructions for submitting an application:
At first, there should be an open call from TEI of Epirus, which will describe the available traineeship position and the deadlines for applications. Then the interested students must:

  1. Contact our Institution through email, by sending their CV and a covering letter, expressing their interest to undertake traineeship mobility.
  2. After the evaluation of the applications, students need to receive a letter or email by us stating that they have been accepted for the proposed traineeship position.
  3. They must prepare and send the Training Agreement to our Erasmus Office in order for the relevant fields to be completed. Later on, the Training Agreement must be sent to their Academic Coordinator for approval.

TIP! Submit to our Erasmus Office at the application form, Training Agreement and other required documentation, before the corresponding deadline.

Evaluation of applications and selection of beneficiaries:
The University’s International Relations Committee is responsible for the evaluation of all applications based on the following selection criteria:

  • Field of Study
  • Academic performance
  • Unemployment
  • Language certificate in Greek or in English
  • Students with special needs.