Department of Agricultural Technology
084: Veterinary Medicine
111: Education Science
081: Agriculture
052: Environmental Sciences
511: Biology
073: Landscape Architecture
08: Agriculture, forestry, fisheries and veterinary

Department of Accounting and Finance
311: Economics
342: Marketing and sales
041: Business and Administration

Department of Business Administration
041: Business and Administration
345: Tourism, catering, hotel management
023: Languages
031: Social and Behavioural Sciences

Department of Traditional Music
021: Arts
022: Humanities
0314: Sociology and Cultural Studies

Department of Nursing
913: Nursing, and Midwifery
091: Health

Department of Speech and Language Therapy
142: Education science (Speech and Language Therapy)
031: Social and Behavioural Sciences
7: Health and Welfare
726: Therapy and rehabilitation

Department of Early Childhood Care and Education
031: Social and Behavioural Sciences

We are looking forward to starting a successful cooperation between our institutions. Thank you very much!